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Dependable Representation in Indiana Accident and Negligence Claims

Attorney Mark Scott takes a practical and individualized approach to personal injury litigation in north central Indiana. While his main goal is to maximize the financial recovery you'll receive for your personal injury or wrongful death claim, he also understands that each client is unique and that a client's needs and priorities can differ a great deal from one case to another.

To learn how you can benefit from the counsel of an attorney who stresses personal service in accident litigation, contact Attorney Mark Scott in Kokomo for a free consultation. He collects an attorney's fee only if he makes a recovery on your behalf. Additionally, Mr. Scott will only accept cases that he genuinely believes will require an attorney's assistance. Contrary to popular advertising, not every personal injury claim needs a lawyer, and Mr. Scott will candidly advise you right away if he thinks your case does not require legal representation.

Experienced Personal Injury Counsel With Personalized Client Service

In some cases, however, a lawyer's involvement is essential to ensure that an injured client's rights are fully and fairly protected. Mark Scott knows how to meet the challenges presented by serious cases involving disputes as to liability and/or damages, and his ability to integrate meticulous attention to detail into creative trial strategies can make a critical difference to the outcome of your case.

Scott Law Office, LLC handles a wide range of personal injury cases, with a special emphasis on tort claims involving severe injuries or wrongful death:

For a free consultation about your legal rights, remedies and options after an accident, contact a Kokomo personal injury attorney Mark Scott.

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