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Protecting Your Family's Interests After a Fatal Accident

At Scott Law Office, Attorney Mark A. Scott understands that the loss of a loved one due to negligence is both emotionally and financially devastating. Very simply, there is no greater loss than the unnecessary death of a family member, and wrongful death cases involve a different set of client needs as compared to other injury cases. While his primary professional objective is to maximize the financial compensation for your wrongful death claim, Mr. Scott also serves as a resource for the full range of personal, practical and emotional needs experienced by a grieving family after the death of a loved one.

For more than two decades, Kokomo Attorney Mark A. Scott has represented numerous families in wrongful death claims throughout north central Indiana. Mr. Scott is a recognized leader in his field. He is a past President of the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association, and a frequent author and lecturer on matters involving personal injury and wrongful death law.

Contact Scott Law Office in Kokomo to learn how your family can benefit from Mr. Scott’s client service values and his experience in handling wrongful death claims. Mr. Scott knows how to develop the proof of liability and damages necessary to hold a defendant accountable under Indiana wrongful death laws. Whether your loss occurred through a fatal crash or a deadly accident at work, Mr. Scott is fully committed to helping you recover the compensation you need for your family's security.

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