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Recovering Damages for Injuries Suffered on Unsafe Property

When you are an invited guest or worker on someone else's property, you have a right to assume that the property owner will have exercised reasonable care for your safety. All too often, however, safety measures are skipped or overlooked, and dangerous conditions are created and allowed to remain on the property. When this occurs, invited guests or workers often suffer severe injuries or death.

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If you or a family member have been injured or killed as a result of a property owner's failure to maintain property in a reasonably safe condition, discuss the possibility of a claim for personal injury or wrongful death with an experienced lawyer. Contact Kokomo premises liability Attorney Mark A. Scott at Scott Law Office for a free consultation about your potential claim.

For more than two decades, Mr. Scott has handled premises liability claims throughout North Central Indiana, and he is a frequent author and lecturer on negligence law and civil procedure matters. His experience with cases involving unsafe property claims benefits clients in a wide variety of liability situations:

  • Accidents at work;
  • Construction accidents;
  • Slip, trip and fall accidents in commercial buildings, retail stores, theaters, restaurants or other buildings;
  • Work-related injuries during repairs or maintenance on a customer's property;
  • Injuries suffered on unsafe playgrounds, parks or recreational areas;
  • Swimming pool accidents and drownings;
  • Dog bites sustained on another's property; and
  • Injuries suffered in public buildings, such as schools, hospitals or government buildings.

To find out more about our experience in the investigation, proof and resolution of premises liability claims in north central Indiana, contact Scott Law Office, LLC in Kokomo for a free consultation.

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