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An Experienced, Knowledgeable and Balanced Mediator for Personal Injury Mediation

In mediation, the parties appear before a mediator, who is either selected by the attorneys representing the parties or appointed by the trial court. The mediator is a neutral third party who assists the litigants and their attorneys in reaching an amicable resolution of their dispute without incurring the risks, costs and time involved with taking a case to trial. The majority of Indiana trial courts now require litigants to go through mediation in personal injury cases, and mediation has proven to be a very effective means for resolving these cases.

Attorney Mark A. Scott is frequently selected by attorneys to serve as a mediator in personal injury cases. For more than two decades, Mr. Scott has confined his practice to personal injury and wrongful death litigation, and he has tried numerous cases to a verdict. Beyond his trial experience, Mr. Scott is also a frequent author and lecturer on matters involving personal injury and wrongful death law, so he is very knowledgeable about the issues which often arise in these cases. Mr. Scott is respected and trusted by both plaintiff and defense lawyers throughout Indiana, and he mediates cases with a fair and balanced approach to help parties arrive at mutually-agreeable resolutions to their disputes.

To schedule a personal injury mediation with Attorney Mark A. Scott, contact Scott Law Office in Kokomo.

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